Isles of Color

In Which Xyvelin Learns the Value of Retreat, and Much Hacking and Slashing Occurs

Sorry I Killed Your Character on the Second Day

Today the valiant heroes set out to clear their names and explore the crypts in which they had been chased. There were bandits, two different types of nasty, tentacly things, and a deftly evaded pit trap (good job Gren). During the course of the explorations, you adventurers found the creature that killed the man who’s murder you were accused of, and conveniently stored his body in a coffin, before exploring other parts of the dungeon.

There was also a great tragedy during the night, as Xyvelin fell victim to a nasty patch of ghouls. Although they attempted to fight through the pain and destroy one last ghoul, the ghoul had different ideas. Rest in peace Xyvelin, you will be missed.

In other news, I’ve heard rumor of a cleric who might be joining you.

After the death of Xyvelin, you decided that the time was ripe to bring the nasty, wormy, tentacley thing to the guards in order to exonerate yourselves. The guards promptly decided to bring you to the Fort Violet lower watchtower (see Fort Violet), in order to bring you to the entity in charge. What happens when you get there is anyone’s guess……


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