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Lore in a Nutshell AKA Why the Heck do You Write so Much?

So you don’t want to read all of the pages of lore that I wrote and just want to get straight to the point. Here’s the elevator pitch version:
There’s these five islands in an archipelago called the Isles of Color that used to be ruled by magic users of various types. 100 years ago, the isles started and ended a war known as The End War which resulted in the destruction/disappearance of all magic users in Dewitchment. This resulted in a giant spinning magical vortex of nasty known as Hellstorm, which has had…odd effects on any land and creatures that come near it. It also wreaked havoc on transportation since the isles developed magic, but not reliable boats (if you can teleport, why bother to learn how to sail?). Much time has passed since then, and the isles have been gradually returning into order from the chaos of losing almost their entire governments, mode of transportation, food source, and way of life.

About the Campaign AKA What About Me?

So essentially there are a few things that you need to know to be a player in this campaign.

  1. Magic is kinda weird in this area, so some things are impossible/have odd side effects
  2. There are a lot of odd species in the area that you start in, most of which are magically modified, or affected by wild magic
  3. No guns.
  4. Magic has some interesting cultural connotations in the area, so be prepared for that

There’s a Player Guide posted with more specific details on the slight changes to rule mechanics and character creation rules, and the process that you should use if you’re making new characters. I’ll update it periodically as I flesh out some of the details of what I want.

Beginnings AKA Where the heck do I fit in?

Your characters are all from the Verdant Isle, specifically The Democratic States. You begin the adventure in the town of Fort Violet, in the state of Seamarch, but your characters need not be from there. If you’d like your character to be from a country other than The Democratic States, talk to me.

Main Page

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