Fort Violet

Fort Violet is the name of the former booming port city located at the mouth of the Redwater river on the Verdant Isle. Once a great port that controlled much of the trade that headed up to the Wellspring, it is now a hub for adventurers and the capitol of one of The Democratic States, Seamarch.


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  1. Fort Violet
    Fort Violet is the actual fort in the town of Fort Violet. It is formed entirely by shaping the existing rock, and thus looks just like an extension of the cliffs on which it sits. It is covered in natural (ish) violets, thus lending it the name Fort Violet. It is incredibly fortified and virtually impregnable, having survived the massive battle that created the Sea of Sighs, and destroyed much of the town. Although it was once a vast architectural masterpiece, age and disuse have rendered many sections of it impassible. It currently holds much of the government and a small portion of the military presence in Fort Violet. Internally, the structure is architecturally beautiful, although many of those housed within it believe it to be haunted…
  2. Fort Violet Lower Garrison
    The lower garrison is effectively the gate to Fort Violet. It is a vast, sheer, and slippery cliff face, with two massive doors that blend almost invisibly into the cliff face when closed. These days, they are rarely closed, and allow a wide variety of tourists, adventurers, scholars, and officials to freely travel through the complex defensive fortifications to Fort Violet itself. Although this building doesn’t look like much, it is very internally complex, and houses most of the garrison stationed at Fort Violet.
  3. Bridge that Was
    There used to be a bridge here. Now there’s a pile of rubble and a very grumpy ferry driver.
  4. Tavern Hill
    Home to adventurers, taverns, shops, and residences, the complex and smoky beehive of Tavern Hill serves as a base for the many teams of adventurers that set out to explore the Sea of Sighs. It was created after a group of adventurers and scavengers decided to establish a base in the closest spires of the Sea of Sighs. They carved new rooms into and through the spire, and it has since grown into a vast hive of different establishments, with very little internal order. It’s known across Seamarch as the best place to find dangerous people and unusual items.
  5. The Haunted Wharves
    Although this used to be a large port, the addition of piles of magical and non-magical rubble to the river and sea in the surrounding area means that the port is now largely non-functional. Thus there is a vast and empty port that managed to escape the destruction of most of the rest of the town. While the sections closest to Tavern Hill are still in use, many of the other sections are completely abandoned, and rumored to be haunted. Certainly, it’s not a place you want to walk alone at night.
  6. The Marketplace
    Central to the newly built sections of town, this is where folks from the surrounding countryside blend with those of Tavern Hill to trade and make merry on market days. Almost anything can be found in the marketplace, if you’re willing to pay.
  7. Sea of Sighs
    Formerly a beautiful, clear bay full of shipping traffic, this sea is now full of strangely shaped rock protrusions and bizarre flashing lights and noises. It is the result of a massive battle during the End War that destroyed most of the town, and left massive rock and otherwise spires in the ocean and in the town. On windy days, it sends strange sounds and smells over the town, many of which sound like the sighs of the many lost lives that some say are still trapped within the rocks. Scavengers love to take small boats to explore the wreckage, which is full of magical items and lost pieces of history, for those brave enough to face the occasional zombie or magical curse.

Fort Violet

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