Isles of Color

In Which Spiders are Squished, Barfights are Ended, and a Certain Birdman Becomes an Enemy

This chapter of the adventure opens with you valiant heroes arriving in the tiny town of Easton, charged with the keeping of the peace in a coming announcement by some of the nobility of Seamarch. Soon after you arrived, you were introduced/accosted by Evan Mittreson who was the event coordinator, and soon tasked you with discovering the source of various disturbances in the woods that prevented the lumberjacks from working. This lack of wood might cause a serious problem, as it might cause nobles to have to come into contact with peasantry! Perish the thought!

Leaving Evan in the dust, you found the old woman he described, who’s granddaughter had recently gone missing. After a most injust insult from Darren, (Gren punched him) she described how her granddaughter, Lilah, had gone missing while “picnicking” in the woods. She also pointed you in the direction of a local lumberjack who might know more about what was going on in the woods. You found him to be very drunk and quite rude, but he told you (under considerable duress) that he was attacked by a “dark skittering creature” while in the woods with a lady friend. After you agreed not to tell his wife, you traveled into the woods to track down the creature.

After a while of searching, you discovered a disturbed site, with a significant blood trail leading off. Gren followed the tracks until they converged with another trail. Following this trail led you to an abandoned shack in the woods, where you smashed a bunch of spiders, and found the deceased lady friend, and the alive but dazed Erin Eastwood. She was distraught that her definitely-not-a-girlfriend had been captured, and led the hunt back to the scene of their “picnic”, where she and Gren tracked the creature back to it’s lair in a cave in the hills. In this cave, you discovered and squashed many, many spiders. Kestra was banished after a nasty fight with an enormous spider where you discovered that Erin Eastwood was actually a werewolf. LE GASP! She successfully reunited with her girlfriend in a touching and heartfelt scene that bordered upon PG-13. Right as you were about to restore Lilah to the town, you discovered a well hidden door in the back of the chamber.

You ripped through the webs and wrenched open the door. Within, you found a set of ornately carved stairs leading downwards. At the bottom of the stairs, you discovered an ornate pair of doors and a set of inactive automatons guarding them. The doors had the words " The Vault of Osirion " written on them in ornate script. You attempted to open the doors, but they proved impervious to lockpicking attempts, and the automatons wouldn’t activate. Leaving this for later, you pried the gemstones from the eyes of the statues, and swore to return later.

Back in town, Lilah had a touching reunion with her grandmother, who thanked you with a family heirloom of a special Amulet of Natural Armour. You then returned to the tavern where you were staying, and met with the highly ungrateful Evan. The next day, he asked you to intervene in a brief argument at the stables, which you mostly decided Evan could deal with on his own (which you may come to regret later). You returned later to the tavern, where you broke up a roaring bar fight between the Imbued and local townsfolk by offering to buy everyone free drinks (kudos to Gladiolus for the suggestion). The next day you attended a lively market and made some purchases, and finished your final preparations for the day of the speech.

The speeches were, for the most part, a shitshow. The nobles arrived in style with retinues, and soon ascended to the stage to make speeches (as an FYI, I’m going to update the Seamarch page with new info about the nobles and their politics sometime soon). These speeches went well for a while, until various agitators in the crowd started shouting and throwing things. Soon a few cloaked individuals tossed molitov cocktails (okay, vials of alchemists fire) onto the stage at the nobles, with Jarl Henrick Midden as a particular target. What followed was a lot of thrown rocks, peasant punches, and daring rooftop chases. Jonathan made an appearance to take a shot at Jarl Henrick Midden, before disappearing and running away. Three rebel agents were captured in valiant chase efforts, but both Jonathan and his mysterious bardic friend escaped.

All three carriages of nobles escaped mostly intact, and you remained briefly in town to mop up and asses the damage before you heard a concerning whinnying sound down the road. . .

In Which an Accidental Slime, an Intelligent Ostrich, and an Insane Disco-ing Owlbear Walk Into a Cave
What happens next will shock you!

You brave adventurers began your day by getting brought to the lower watchtower in Fort Violet. You then faced the judgement (or lack therof) of Peg Mell, the acting Captain of the Guard in Fort Violet. You told him your story, dropped a nasty wormy corpse on his floor, and convinced him that you were telling the truth. He paid you a 1000 GP reward that was a standing bounty for clearing the dangerous cathedral, then abruptly shooed you out of his office. Back in your sleazy, flea infested hotel, you all made a shocking discovery. The gold was fake!

Clearly, you had to discover why Acting Captain Mell had decided to pay you off with fake gold. You stormed back into the Watchtower (facing the wrath of an incredibly cantankerous ferry driver), and confronted the lying captain. Under pressure, the captain broke down and told you of his current problems. His grandmother, Mary Mell, who was the real Captain of the Guard had been missing for two weeks. She had gone after the Content Not Found: mayor’s son, who had also gone missing (although no one seemed terribly surprised about this, as he was a bit of an idiot). Why is this your problem, you ask?

When Captain Mell went missing, she took the keys of the vault containing all of the Guard’s funds with her, as she didn’t quite trust her grandson (something about an expensive jewelry purpose for a lover). Unfortunately, though she was only planning to be gone for a couple of days, she’s now been absent for weeks. This means that the supply of money ran out, and the only way you would manage to get paid is if you tracked down Mary Mell and brought her back, safe and sound. When pressed, Peg Mell also loaned you one of the Guard’s few clerics, Gladiolus.

So it was that you set out in order to rescue an old lady in order to get the money that you were owed from a previous mission. You rested, sold some items, bought some items, divvied up the loot from the previous adventure, and then headed out to rent a boat to take you to the spire in the Sea of Sighs (see Fort Violet). You arrived without incident, and the driver sent you off and went on his merry way. You arrived on a gorgeous beach under an overhang, covered in beautiful, colorful rocks. The rock that formed the spire was melted and oddly colored in places, and formed irregular caverns and tunnels. Immediately upon arriving, you noticed that the caves were frequently trafficked, and there were dog-like tracks among others on the floor.

Heading deeper into the cave, you uncovered a pit with a rickety bridge across it that promptly collapsed, leaving half of the party to attempt (and fail) to climb down and across the pit. Next you discovered a tripwire which the party carefully avoided, and arrived in a room with a cage full of oddly colored, slightly glowing zombies, with a small chest in the back. Although you could have left the zombies in peace, you were determined to determine the contents of the chest, and thus set about attempting to kill the zombies through the bars of the cage. Unfortunately, what you didn’t notice was that the zombies had been infected with some form of wild magic. Upon destroying a zombie, a strange magical effect took place. The first magical effect gave Kestra a terrible fear of zombies. The second magically effect created Fucky the Slime. Darren decided that it was an excellent plan to attempt to kill another zombie using Acid Splash spells from a distance. Unfortunately, when the zombie died, one of the spells lived and became an oozey, nasty, spell goo. This slime was incredibly difficult to defeat, and many spells and attacks simply slid into its gooey exterior until finally Gren managed to squish it with one massive swing of her greataxe. Fucky, you will be missed.

Even after all of this trouble, you were still determined to get the chest. Gren snuck into the cage, got whacked by the remaining zombie a couple of times, and stole the chest. Inside, you found a scroll of Fireball, and a mysterious encrypted note, which Darren quickly decrypted (yay Darren!). The note said something about a demonstation in Easton and was written from “Julia” to “Jonathan” and signed with a kiss. (I’ll copy the exact text later but tbh it’s past midnight and I’m not looking for it now)

Later you passed some lovely bio-luminescent fish in an underground pool that possibly would have attempted to eat you, before discovering what looked like a guard post, where a dog swiftly ran off down a mysterious tunnel. You followed the dog, only to discover Jonathan holding a nasty looking machete to the mayor’s son’s throat, in the company of three dogs, an ostrich, and an oddly cute pumpkin man. You declared this not your problem, wished them good luck, and went on your way. The dogs and Jonathan expressed their gratitude, packed up, and took off for some undisclosed location. It seems that they were part of a rebel group that kidnapped the mayor’s son in order to blackmail him into not passing some legislation that would reduce Servitor rights in Seamarch.

Then you climbed a ladder to the second floor, where you encountered some nasty komodo dragons, a suspicious field of flowers that you neglected to disturb, and a room smelling strangely of buttered popcorn. Finally, you found a hole with a ladder leading down and the sound of growly singing in the distance. It was there that you met the insane intelligent owlbear that you christened “Beaky”. Beaky was currently involved in a very advanced song and dance routine with the unconscious Mary Mell. Also in the room was a large cavern in the Northern side that you neglected to enter, and a large warship stuck halfway through a rock wall. When I say stuck in the wall, I mean literally there is a stone wall passing halfway through the ship, with no damage to either the ship, or the wall.

Darren advanced first into the room, and disco danced his way up to Beaky. Beaky seemed perfectly content to have him as a dance partner, but declined to stop dancing with the unconscious body of Mary Mell. Then Tribin entered the room and boogied his way into the ship to investigate. Inside the ship, he found the skeletons of several long dead sailors (thankfully not mobile this time), and a chest containing a mysterious, very beautiful silver inlaid leather journal. Taking no time to investigate, the rest of the group tangoed into the room to the dulcet tones of owlbear singing, and threw a dance party in order to feed Mary Mell some healing potions and for Gladiolus to heal her until she was back on her feet. After this, Gren made a daring dancing distraction while the other adventurers escaped up the ladder to safety. Gren followed soon after, taking a hit for the good of the party.

Once in safety, Captain Mell wasted no time cussing you all out for letting the mayor’s son go, and then told you what she knew about Captain Diana Darkheart, and the journal that you found. You then escorted Captain Mell to safety, by which I mean she rowed you all back in the boat that she brought while flipping off monsters that appeared in neighboring spires.

Back at Fort Violet, you all sold some items, rested, and received a mysterious message during the night on a scroll of paper. This message asked you for a secret meeting at the Soggy Dragon, and was signed “Your Mayorial Friend”. You assumed it was Jonathan, and met with him after going to the watchtower to meet with Mary Mell.

When you met with Captain Mell, she gave you 2000 GP as reward for your services, and asked for your help in determining what was going on in Easton, as you told her about the note and the potential threat it contained. She gave you a day to think about what you wanted to do.

Later in the day, you headed to the Soggy Dragon, where you met with Jonathan. He begged you to help the freedom fighters, and not to turn him in to the Guard. He confessed to plotting the assassination of nobles with the scroll you discovered, and made a moving speech for his position. Although you weren’t entirely convinced, you agreed to go to Easton, to act as peacekeepers during the announcement of this controversial legislation. You went with Mary Mell’s blessing, as an unofficial group of peacekeepers.

You are currently travelling one day to Easton, where something surely awaits.

In Which Xyvelin Learns the Value of Retreat, and Much Hacking and Slashing Occurs
Sorry I Killed Your Character on the Second Day

Today the valiant heroes set out to clear their names and explore the crypts in which they had been chased. There were bandits, two different types of nasty, tentacly things, and a deftly evaded pit trap (good job Gren). During the course of the explorations, you adventurers found the creature that killed the man who’s murder you were accused of, and conveniently stored his body in a coffin, before exploring other parts of the dungeon.

There was also a great tragedy during the night, as Xyvelin fell victim to a nasty patch of ghouls. Although they attempted to fight through the pain and destroy one last ghoul, the ghoul had different ideas. Rest in peace Xyvelin, you will be missed.

In other news, I’ve heard rumor of a cleric who might be joining you.

After the death of Xyvelin, you decided that the time was ripe to bring the nasty, wormy, tentacley thing to the guards in order to exonerate yourselves. The guards promptly decided to bring you to the Fort Violet lower watchtower (see Fort Violet), in order to bring you to the entity in charge. What happens when you get there is anyone’s guess……


The lot of you brave adventurers were returning from drinking to celebrate your fabulous exploits at Tavern Hill (see Fort Violet), when you came upon an unfortunately dead looking man outside an abandoned temple. While a brief investigation revealed strange purple worms on his body, you were soon forced to flee into the temple when some guards showed up and very rudely assumed that you were the one who killed him. Now you’re exploring the temple in the hopes of exonerating your names, finding the true killer, or just finding another exit.

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